It’s relatively unusual for a movie that’s already been open for a few weeks to release a new trailer. But with Anne Hathaway-starring oddity “Colossal,” from director Nacho Vigalondo, doing pretty well in theaters and expanding further this weekend, we can see why fledgling distributor Neon would give it a little bit more of a push.

That said, we would advise that you don’t watch the new trailer for the film, about a hard-partying young woman who discovers that she might be accidentally responsible for unleashing a kaiju on Seoul, unless you’ve seen it already. Vigalondo’s film, which also stars Jason Sudeikis, Tim Blake Nelson and Dan Stevens, is one that’s positively packed with surprises, and the new trailer, presumably in pursuit of throwing some money shots at the general public, gives away a pretty big one. Well, a literally big one, in fact.

So here’s a deal — go and see “Colossal,” which we really liked (here’s our review, though some staffers are even higher on the movie), and then come back and watch the trailer below, and look at the similarly spoilery poster image thing. You can find the movie in select theaters right now, and in even more from Friday on.