Olivier Assayas‘ latest “Personal Shopper” is now playing in cinemas, and his upcoming collaboration on Roman Polanski‘s “Based On A True Story” is in the can. So now it’s time for the director to start looking at what’s next. His frequently delayed crime flick “Idol’s Eye,” which last we heard was going to shoot in February (that didn’t happen), is still missing in action, but that isn’t slowing Assayas down.

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THR reveals that the director has signed up to helm “Wasp Network.” The spy thriller is an adaptation of Fernando Morais’ “The Last Soldiers Of The Cold War,” which tells the story of a terrorist group in Florida, who extended their influence in Central America. Here’s the book synopsis:

Through the 1980s and 1990s, violent anti-Castro groups based in Florida carried out hundreds of military attacks on Cuba, bombing hotels and shooting up Cuban beaches with machine guns. The Cuban government struck back with the Wasp Network — a dozen men and two women — sent to infiltrate those organizations.

The Last Soldiers of the Cold War tells the story of those unlikely Cuban spies and their eventual unmasking and prosecution by US authorities. Five of the Cubans received long or life prison terms on charges of espionage and murder.

Fascinating material, and one that marks another intriguing genre shift for the filmmaker. No word if this will be his next project, but let’s hope “Idol’s Eye” hasn’t completely fallen away.