Hosting the Oscars is generally speaking a pretty thankless task. By and large, the format and length of the show, and the often safe writing, doesn’t make it easy for anybody to knock it out of the park. And while Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hit a homerun, he mostly handled himself well as last night’s MC.

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Part of the reason Kimmel managed to hold his own was that he didn’t go off brand all that much, so if you’re already a fan, it was easy to sit back and let him carry you through the night. Kimmel also helped himself by staying in his comfort zone, continuing his Matt Damon beef, and bringing his trademark late night Mean Tweets segment to the ceremony. Not everything worked — surprising a busload of tourists by bringing them to the show quickly turned condescending — but Kimmel emerged intact, which is about all anyone can ask.

Check out his opening monologue and more highlights from the Oscars.