For a show that will have a total of three seasons when it wraps up, the brief run has made the apocalyptic “The Leftovers” feels no less epic. And for its final run of episodes, it sure looks like we’re going to the biblical conclusion that has seemed inevitable. However, don’t say the show is ending too soon, because as far as lead star Justin Theroux is concerned, the time is right.

“What makes long-running television become frustrating is that you inevitably get the sense that writers are painting themselves into corners that they can’t really get out of. Even before we shot the pilot, [creator/producer] Damon [Lindelof] was like, ‘This is not a show that’s going to go five years,’ which is one of the reasons why I signed up for it,” the actor told Time Out New York. “…It’s creative death for everybody if you go far too long. You start to resent the story you’re telling, and writers start to resent writing it. The difference between a cable channel and a network is you know networks will keep something on the air as long as it’s got eyeballs [on it], and cable channels have this sort of maybe better instinct of [saying]: ‘The Sopranos wants to end this year. Let’s end it.’ ”

And so, here comes the end of “The Leftovers,” which will see the story relocate to Australia, even as it seems the end times are approaching.

“The Leftovers” returns on April 16th.