Sometimes, you don’t get what you want in the movie world. Best laid plans don’t always work out, and the alchemy of moviemaking occasionally goes up in smoke. And so it goes for Paolo Sorrentino.

Just a couple of months after announcing he was developing a movie titled “Loro” about controversial former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, the director has revealed it’s been scrapped. The film would’ve attempted to tell a multi-faceted story about Berlusconi’s rise to power, rather than act as a straight critique, but it seems Sorrentino couldn’t figure out his way into the project.

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“I wanted to write a script for a film about Berlusconi, but it is a complicated story, and it is not always possible to do the film that you want to do,” he told Cinecetta News (via THR).

Instead, Sorrentino will now put his focus toward writing the second season of Sky and HBO‘s “The Young Pope“(which arrives stateside on January 15, 2017) before he figures out what his next film will be. Easy come, easy go, and it seems Sorrentino is already putting whatever could have been with “Loro” behind him.