Aquaman” now has a villain, and it’s Patrick Wilson. Coming off a successful run on the TV series “Fargo,” the actor will play the titular character’s half-brother, and potential antagonist, Orm.

If you’re thinking that a superhero film about a super-powered royalty who happens to have a mischievous half-brother, who is most likely going to betray him, sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. The same premise worked very well for WB/DC’s rival Marvel Studios. “Thor” introduced the incredibly popular villain Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, who eventually went on to be a major player in the MCU as a villain in “The Avengers” and then an anti-hero in “Thor: The Dark World.” It’s obvious that Warner Bros. is hoping Patrick Wilson’s Orm can reach those same levels of popularity.

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“Aquaman” is already a tough sell for many viewers. Lampooned in media for decades, and a plot point in the TV series “Entourage,” the character will finally debut on the big screen in 2017’s “Justice League,” where he’ll be portrayed by Jason Momoa. Then in 2018, the self-titled “Aquaman” is scheduled to be released, directed by James Wan and produced by Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, and Rob Cowan. Wilson has previously worked as a superhero with Zack Snyder in the comic adaptation “Watchmen.”

“Aquaman” is scheduled to be released in October 5, 2018. [Variety]