When a seemingly ordinary woman is pulled over to the side of the road and kidnapped at the beginning of “Rupture,” you might think you’re in for a pulpy, page-turning thriller. But the new film from Steven Shainberg (“Secretary,” “Fur“) turns out be something quite unexpected in the director’s first foray into horror.

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Co-written by Shainberg and Brian Nelson (“Hard Candy“), once the movie kicks into action, it unfolds all in a single location, where a young woman and mother, played by Noomi Rapace, has to figure why she’s being held and experimented on inside a warehouse hiding no shortage of secrets. Here’s the synopsis from the Fantasia Film Festival:

Single mom Renee Morgan has learned to be strong by necessity. One day, after dropping her son off at school and going about daily chores, she’s suddenly abducted and locked away in a truck that drives off — and continues driving for days. Wherever she’s being taken, it’s very far away. The truck finally arrives at a large, mysterious facility that could be pharmaceutical, could be governmental, could be anything. A mysterious man begins to question her about her medical history. He then starts asking about her fears. Renee realizes just how irrational and frightening a situation she’s in. Others arrive, observing her. Why Renee? What could these people want? The answers to both questions lie far from any scenario she could possibly imagine. 

Co-starring Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishé, and Michael Chiklis, “Rupture” opens in cinemas and on VOD in the U.K. on November 4th. There is currently no U.S. distribution for the film. [Live For Film]