After some recent episodes of AYT, in which me and my co-host Joe von Appen have bemoaned the rather weak state of movies for most this year (though all this recent festival coverage has us excited for the coming months of big releases), we’ve turned a corner and on this episode highlight two smaller releases well worth seeking out.

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Our main review is about “Kicks,” the debut from director Justin Tipping (a director we’ll certainly be following closely now) that’s a blast of cinematic verve and entertaining to boot. The narrative starts out simple: a high schooler who’s picked on gets jumped and his prize Jordans stolen by local thugs. His quest to get them back leads him and his two best friends on a crazy day filled with the potential for love or brutal violence, wherein the story takes twists and turns but always remains laser focused on its protagonist’s perspective.

For our other review on this episode, it’s back to the incredibly exciting world of documentaries for AYT as we recommend you seek out and get lost in “Author: The JT Leroy Story,” a fascinating tale that elucidates the myth, creation and, for some, hoax that was literary sensation JT Leroy, who published two books in the early 200os to great acclaim and success. But that’s only the surface of this layered and crazy story about pen names, the audience desire vs. the artist intent, and much more. Tune in to hear our thoughts on both films.

READ MORE: Documentary ‘Author: The JT Leroy Story’ Is A Fascinating Look At A Fabulist

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