Adjust Your Tracking is back and, while we apologize for our absence from the mic the past month, we’ve returned at a great time for new cinematic releases! And so, we play catch up on this episode and focus entirely on new indie releases from various distributors of note in this realm, from A24 to Amazon Studios. The four films are: “American Honey,” “Moonlight,” “Christine” and “The Handmaiden.”

Andrea Arnold is a favorite director around these parts, and for good reason. Her latest film, “American Honey,” has been in limited release at theaters for a few weeks now. While it’s not lighting up the box office (a shame, really), it’s a film worth letting wash over you (find our review here). “Moonlight” is the second feature film from Barry Jenkins, and it’s currently storming the arthouse and winning critical raves. There’s a good reason it’s entering the awards season with tremendous buzz (we declared in our review that it will “transform lives”).

The back half of this episode includes our discussions on no less vital, exciting and well-made films including Antonio Campos‘ latest “Christine” (our review) and the beautiful confection that is Park Chan-Wook‘s latest “The Handmaiden,” which we called deliriously fun and terminally silly (a high compliment indeed for this one). Do not miss any of these films if you can, they’re all well worth your time tracking down and seeing.

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