Welcome to another round of Indie Beat! For the uninitiated, this podcast focuses on indie filmmakers (and soon programmers, critics, producers) that You May Not Know But Should™. We’re a conversational show, so the typical film-specific Q&A segments will be minimal — we’re more concerned with where the artist finds inspiration, how they work in the field, how they pay the bills, what their assessment of the current filmmaking climate is, etc.

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This episode we check in with filmmaker Andrew Gitomer, a New York-based director who just unleashed his web series “For Ex-Lovers Only” (trailer). The show follows the post-breakup life of Zoe (Genevieve Hudson-Price, “Show Me A Hero“) and Joanna (Tess Harrison) as Zoe struggles to pick up the pieces of her life.

Gitomer’s movies are generally relationship/friendship dramas (sometimes with a surreal/magical-realist bent) focused on women, complete with killer soundtracks and potent mid-20s malaise. Check out the trailer to his feature “Past Present Future,” the sizzle reel to his next feature “Pretty Girls,” and the first episode of “For Ex-Lovers Only” below! (The rest of the series can be found here).