This episode of Indie Beat is a special one — not only do we have on deck filmmaker Robbie Hillyer Barnett, director of cult-hit-in-the-making “Tears of God,” but we are also presenting a special screening of the film in New York over at the Spectacle Theater! Now, you say, “how about them apples”?

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Barnett’s first short film, “Holy God Holy Mighty Holy Immortal Have Mercy Upon Us,” screened on NoBudge and won its Best Editing award in 2013. Robbie then embarked on his first feature film, “Tears of God,” which stars Kate Lyn Sheil (“The Girlfriend Experience,” “House of Cards”), Samuel T. Herring (of the band Future Islands) and Lindsay Burdge (“The Invitation,” “A Teacher”). He’s also done a virtual reality film, “Days of Being Mild,” set in Tokyo that you can watch here.

The filmmaker and I spoke about his feature, collaborations that fell through, getting paid for creative work, the movie “Fluke,” and (of course) an assessment of the independent filmmaking scene. Please listen, check out the films, and come to the screening in New York on January 12th at 7:30!

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