After a brief hiatus for self-care, spending the holidays with family, and catching up with the glut of titles that were released at the end of 2016, Over/Under Movies is back to ring in the new year.

For those new listeners who have come around the podcast since finding our home at The Playlist, we typically end the year (or, in this case, begin the new year) with a two-part episode of each host compiling their list for the most overrated and most underrated films of the film year, as opposed to our usual format of pitting two films against each other.

On part one of our two-part year-end extravaganza, I’m joined by my co-host Oktay Ege Kozak (podcast regular Erik McClanahan had to take the week off to gear up for the Portland International Film Festival) as we discuss the films that other critics and/or audiences love that just didn’t quite connect with us for some reason. From giant blockbusters to Oscar hopefuls, we each pick five films that we think people have been a tad hyperbolic about in 2016.

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Thanks for listening, and tune in next week for part two: The Most Underrated Films of 2016.