If you’ve ever been curious about what is the most streamed show in your state, you’re in luck.

Despite Netflix not releasing viewer date, HighSpeedInternet.com cross-referenced the top 75 shows on Netflix with Google Trends Data to discover which show is most likely to be streamed in each state. Head on over to HSI to check out the map. While HSI only cross-referenced shows available on Netflix, not other streaming services, the map still provides some insight into streaming habits.

While some of the conclusions are obvious — such as the popularity of “Narcos” in Texas and “Bloodline” in Florida to name a few — there are a few surprises. Both Rhode Island and Montana give love to the awesomely unappreciated “Peaky Blinders.” Additionally, Maine seems to be a bit behind the zeitgeist as they catch up on “Nurse Jackie.” Illinois, on the other hand, is the only state to favor a documentary series with “Making of a Murderer.”

What should come as a shock to no one is the fact that “Scandal” is widely popular despite geographic region, claiming nine states including an almost straight line through the central US. While some of HighSpeedInternet’s conclusions on regional trends are dubious at best, including claims of a link between West Virginia’s love of “American Horror Story,” Wyoming’s embrace of “iZombie” (something I would have never guessed) and those two states falling “neatly into the most guns per capita category.” Yet, the article is still an interesting read nonetheless.

My home state of Massachusetts favors “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” a show I still need to catch up on. What is your state’s favorite show? [AV Club]hsi_netflix_shows_of_2016_v1-1