As everyone knows, “Terminator Genisys” was not the reboot/retcon Paramount were hoping for. Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger returned, the confusing narrative did the film no favors, and audiences were largely disinterested (except in China, where the movie did quite well). The studio swiftly took a planned sequel off the schedule, and then came the news a couple months back that “The Terminator” was going to be rebooted with “Deadpool” helmer Tim Miller directing, all but ensuring anything ‘Genisys’-related was scrapped. But in case you need a final nail in the coffin on that word, well, you’ve got it.

The New York Daily News reports that anything tied to ‘Genisys’ is dead, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s involvement with the franchise as a whole.

“It is over for ‘The Terminator’ and Arnold,” a source told the paper. “The studio has taken the sequel off the production slate completely, meaning there is no preproduction or any plans for another sequel. The talent had been offered long term deals, but this is not happening.”

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Again, duh, and the ending of Arnie’s involvement makes a lot of sense, too. Audiences have clearly had their fill of the T-800, and are looking for a new spin on this increasingly tired series.

So, the pressure is on Skydance CEO David Ellison to deliver, and he promises fans will get what they’ve always wanted.

“I will say we have resolved the future of the franchise and believe me its an incredibly bright future. I think where it’s going will be the continuation of what the fans really wanted since ‘T2,’ ” he told Collider, adding that an announcement would be coming this year.

Well, we’ll see. They’ve had the chance to get it right a few times, and frankly, it’s hard to imagine them screwing it up any further. But if you have a pitch for a new ‘Terminator’ movie, let us know in the comments section.

  • suitablecustard

    Closing the book on Genisys/Terminator Fanfiction is always good news.

  • Deez

    I’ll believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.

  • Platypus Man

    LOL, even the fans don’t know what they want.

  • Vos_L

    Let it go….move on already….they’ve beat this horse to death. The box office should have been their clue that audiences have seen enough and don’t need or want another Terminator reboot.

  • Tracy Emert

    My idea storyline would be the dog in the picture of Sarah Conner at the end of first movie. Same picture given to Kyle Reese by John Conner. But, what if that picture ended up in the hands of Skynet? They create a Terminator German Shepherd to send back in time to replace the real dog in the picture. The dog, originally sent to kill John Conner right after he’s born, instead becomes very loyal to John Conner and protects him against a slew of Terminators and Terminator Dogs sent to kill him as a toddler. OR they could just bring back ‘The Sarah Conner Chronicles”! 😛

  • maxx02

    My idea would be if they just left it alone. Like er, Blade Runner? Or Alien? Or Superman? Or Batman? Or, or, or, or… I mean my god there are a bazillion stories out there. Could we get a little creativity in Hollyweird or is that too much to ask for? If they thought they could get any money from it, they’d be remaking Gone with the Wind with Ryan Gosling and Selena Gomez.

    • Gutrend

      Oh great, now you’ve Gone and given them the idea!

  • Stay Puft

    Here’s my pitch.

    Don’t make a new Terminator film. The franchise has been raped to death. There are only two Terminator films and they’re the James Cameron films. The other three are shitty impostors.

  • Gutrend

    Get Summer Glau back in the mix, I’ll watch the hell out of it.

  • lenlenlen1

    Well, since we just know they wont leave it alone, I suggest a clean start reboot with nothing to do with any of the previous movies. And instead of just one Terminator, send several back in time to kill several targets. Make the story more global.