Hot on the heels of being included in this year’s Cannes Film Festival comes a new trailer for “Redoubtable,” the Michel Hazanavicius film detailing several years in the life of famed French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. One word of caution, though: while the trailer will no doubt be released for English-speaking audiences soon, the current version of the trailer is without subtitles, meaning that the Francophiles and visual learners among us will likely be the ones to enjoy it the most.

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As a reminder, “Redoubtable” is based on the 2015 novel “Un An Après” by French actress Anne Wiazemsky, who detailed her history with Godard and the romantic connection both formed during the filming of his 1967 film “La Chinoise.” As we previously noted, the match between the film and the Cannes premiere was something of a no-brainer; there’s no better way to celebrate the life of a staggering French filmmaker than to premiere a film about his life at France’s biggest film festival. The film stars Louis Garrel (“Two Friends,” “Saint Laurent“) as the noted auteur and actress Stacy Martin (“Nymphomaniac,” “High-Rise“) as Wiazemsky herself.

The film has no distribution as of yet, but that figures to change quickly after the festival.

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