Ridley Scott loves having his name on lots of projects. The always busy filmmaker is putting the finishing touches on “Alien: Covenant” before gearing up to shoot the thriller “All The Money In The World” next month. At 79 years old, Scott is attached to enough to projects to keep him busy until the rest of his life, so many in fact, it’s probably pointless to name them all here (but they include more “Alien” movies, an adaptation of Don Winslow’s “The Cartel,” “Wraiths Of The Broken Land,” and many more). Now, he’s adding yet another to the already huge pile.

Deadline reports that Scott has signed on for a film about WWII’s The Battle Of Britain, penned by Matthew Orton, who also wrote the developing Eichmann” starring Oscar Isaac. The project is close to Scott’s heart, and will detail the major air battle between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe.

Again, who knows if Scott will ever get to this, but certainly, it sounds like something a bit different for the filmmaker, and if the climate for WWII pictures grows hotter following Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” it’s a good project to have in the pocket. But until then, there’s the 1969 movie about the same subject, directed by Guy Hamilton.

  • rnlol

    I wonder wtf ever happened to The Forever War. Wasn’t he going on about that having been his dream project for 25 years when he acquired the rights?