Who knew Rihanna was such a big “Star Trek” fan? Apparently the singer has been a lifelong fan, so much so that she recorded a new song for Justin Lin‘s “Star Trek Beyond” titled “Sledgehammer.”

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Directed by notable music video director Floria Sigismondi (also the filmmaker behind the feature “The Runaways”), and shot on Alexa IMAX cameras (it’s the first music video shot in the format), the promo is typically lush, beautiful and a little over the top with its sci-fi-ish VFX. It actually also kinda looks like “Voyage Of Time” on steroids. And while you can watch the video with the click of a mouse, if you want to see it in its true IMAX glory, “Sledgehammer” will be screening in IMAX theaters today.

Star Trek Beyond” opens on July 22nd.

  • Glass

    Wondering if anyone in the Paramount promo dept thought twice about having the official STAR TREK single repeat “I hit a wall” over and over after Anton Yelchin’s freak accident…