The ’90s dominated the month of March with a “Trainspotting” sequel, a “Beauty And The Beast” remake, and a “Power Rangers” reboot, and of course, our own look at back at the Best Films Of The ’90s. But if you still want that feeling from the era of grunge and Pogs, “Unforgettable,” which feels like it was made in 1992, should fit the bill.

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Starring Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl, and marking the directorial debut of veteran producer Denise Di Novi, the film is your basic revenge flick about a woman who makes life hell for her ex-husband’s new wife. Here’s the official synopsis:

Tessa Connover (Heigl) is barely coping with the end of her marriage when her ex-husband, David (Stults), becomes happily engaged to Julia Banks (Dawson) — not only bringing Julia into the home they once shared but also into the life of their daughter, Lily. Trying to settle into her new life, Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, the man who can help her put her own troubled past behind her. But Tessa’s jealousy soon takes a pathological turn until she will stop at nothing to turn Julia’s dream into her ultimate nightmare. 

“Unforgettable” opens on April 21st.