Ever since “Deadpool” became a box office phenomenon earlier this year, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been insistent that for the sequel, they want to keep the production just as modest as the first one. “We don’t want $150 million to go make the next movie, that’s not Deadpool. Deadpool doesn’t lift cities up into the air or battle aliens coming down to earth, that’s just not Deadpool. So we’re happy in that little small budget range that they have us in; we don’t wanna blow this next one out,” Wernick said in February. But it’s safe to say that the followup will inevitably be somewhat bigger, and certainly more sought after by all kinds of talent around Hollywood, and the list of rumored contenders for the female lead certainly bears that out.

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According to ColliderLizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella (“Kingsman: The Secret Service,” “Star Trek Beyond“), Stephanie Sigman (“Spectre,” “Miss Bala“), and Sylvia Hoeks (“Blade Runner 2049“) are all testing for the role of Domino. The site cautions that other names could be in the mix, and with production not gearing up until early 2017, director Tim Miller has some time to find the right person for the undisclosed part.

It’s a good list of names, and what you’d expect from the studio lists these days, featuring more seasoned performers, mixed with rising newcomers. But at the end of the day, it’s likely going to come down to who can best gel with whoever is cast as Cable, who is expected to have a substantial role in the sequel.

Deadpool 2” opens on January 12, 2018.