On a cold December day, the mutilated body of 13-year-old Tair Rada was found inside a toilet stall at her high school in Israel, sparking a major media storm — and targeting a potential scapegoat. In the same vein as the Netflix hit “Making A Murderer,” TV miniseries “Shadow Of Truth” explores the grisly murder of a young woman and exposes a troubled justice system in the process.

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“We know we’ll never get Tair back,” a voiceover says under home-movie footage depicting a little girl playing in the snow. “But we have to know the truth.” As the four-part documentary reveals, the search for the truth isn’t exactly simple. Though police arrested Ukrainian immigrant Roman Zadorov, who worked at the high school as a temp, some believe the police “took an innocent man and framed him.” After all, there is no evidence or DNA confirming that Zadorov committed the gruesome act.

Without DNA or evidence confirming Zadorov’s guilt, many have their own theories. As the trailer teases, the series features a never-heard-before testimony of a man (referred to as A.H.) who claims to have new information on the case. “I know what I saw,” the shadowy figure claims. “Big trouble is brewing.”

Before it was picked up by Netflix, “Shadow Of Truth” debuted in Israel last year, to great acclaim.

“Shadow Of Truth” is now available to stream on Netflix.

  • vonq

    So is this about the murder of a 13 year old child or of a young woman? Confused.

    • SZ

      a 13 y.o.

  • Josh King

    Definitely worth watching. Astounding, chilling and important.