It was almost exactly a year ago when HBO was at their peak of executive and creative turmoil. The hugely expensive “Vinyl” had premiered to dismal ratings and reviews (and the second season would be canceled a couple months later), and a multitude of high profile projects — David Fincher‘s “Videosyncrazy” and “Utopia,” the miniseries “Lewis And Clark” — all stalled out. Even “Westworld” at the time looked like a major question mark as production stopped so the creative team could rejigger the scripts. Well, it looks like HBO is back on their feet, but one project that fell by the wayside at that time looks like it might be getting new life.

Back in 2015, “Hunger” and “12 Years A Slave” director Steve McQueen got an order from HBO for “Codes Of Conduct,” a six-episode limited series. Production started, bringing together an intriguing ensemble including Devon Turrell, Paul Dano, Helena Bonham Carter, and Rebecca Hall, for a drama centered on Queens youth Beverly Snow, who finds his way into Manhattan’s elite high society, a world much different than the one he was born into. During HBO’s creative panic last year, “Codes Of Conduct” was halted, but perhaps we’ll still get to see it.

Screen Daily reveals that Australian production company See-Saw are still behind project, and are eager to find a new home for it. “It’s a story that’s very important to Steve to tell and we’re very emotionally involved in it,” co-founder Iain Canning said.

Apparently, a pilot has been shot, but it’s not clear if McQueen is aiming to continue with the same cast, or start over. I’d imagine the latter might be easier rather than trying realign schedules should a new home be found, but then again, McQueen is the kind of guy most people would drop anything to work with.

So, hope stays alive for “Codes Of Conduct.” Netflix? Annapurna? Let’s hope some major players get involved. Meanwhile, McQueen is gearing up to shoot his next film, “Widows,” starring Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, and Michelle Rodriguez.