If there are three big TV events of the year, they are easily: the return of “Twin Peaks,” the penultimate season of “Game Of  Thrones,” and the second season of “Stranger Things.” The return of Netflix‘s breakout show has already been earning big buzz thanks to its Super Bowl teaser, and while there has been some early promotion and images released, plot details have been kept tight. All we know is the story jumps ahead one year, to 1984. However, the composers of the terrific soundtrack to the series, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, have teased just a little bit about what might be coming.

Chatting with The Vinyl Factory, the pair, who are also in the band S U R V I V E, shared just a bit about what they know about the forthcoming batch of episodes.

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“We are working on it. It should be interesting. I think they’ve already come out and said that things are going to be a bit darker and weirder. We’ve yet to really see what that looks like,” Dixon revealed.

“I mean, it’s always kind of hard to tell what’s going to work until you get in there. Hopefully, it’s a bit weirder this time. I’m sure it will be weirder, because I think they are going to spend a little more time in the Upside Down this season,” he added.

Sounds about right, and fits in with the season two tagline, revealed in the Super Bowl teaser: The World Is Turning Upside Down.

“Stranger Things” is back on Halloween. [via FACT]