In just over a week, David Lynch will raise the curtain on “Twin Peaks,” and audiences around the world will return to the weird world of the Pacific Northwest. Despite a couple of peeks here and there, things remain firmly under wraps, but another bit of material from the forthcoming series has been unveiled.

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Johnny Jewel, perhaps best known for his contributions to the soundtrack of Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Drive,” is also providing music for the upcoming show. While we’ll have to wait for any official word on a proper soundtrack, Jewel has dropped his new album Windswept, which features music from the show, but in typically cryptic fashion, it’s not clear which cuts you’ll hear on “Twin Peaks.” But, maybe some of the song titles (“Strobe Lights,” “Slow Dreams,” “Motel”) provide a clue.

Listen to it all below and see you on Sunday, May 21st. [FACT]