Peak TV is more cutthroat than ever with traditional premium networks like HBO battling it out with streaming titans like Netflix and Amazon, while a whole sea of new players continue to come into the mix (and don’t forget Apple, who are looming in the background, and expected to make huge waves this year in the TV and movie space). Finding a customer value between all these outlets usually boils down to ratings and/or the number of subscribers each company has, but one thing that can’t quite be measured is how much value original content from each service brings to the table.

Well, Forrester Research has tried to sort it out, and in a survey conducted last year with subscribers of each service, 60% of users said Netflix had interesting original content, compared with 45% for HBO and 36% for Amazon Prime. Netflix came out on top in terms of value with only 5% saying their $9.99/month subscription was too expensive, though curiously, Hulu‘s cheaper $7.99/month cost found 10% of respondents saying it was too much. It seems when it comes to original content and cost, Netflix can’t be beat.

Anyway, see the full data below, and let us know which service you feel gives you the most bang for your buck. [Business Insider]Netflix Research




  • Josh King

    Netflix really is killing it