I don’t know what the Hollywood equivalent of subtweeting is, but I’d imagine this is pretty close. Earlier this month, Sylvester Stallone exited “The Expendables” franchise and the brewing fourth film, with creative differences and the actor’s reluctance to make a sequel that wasn’t up to his high standards cited as culprits. But that doesn’t mean he’s saying no to schlock. Stallone will be wrapping up “Escape Plan 2” this week, and is already planning to make a third installment.

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Deadline reports that Sly will be back for “Escape Plan 3,” with the film keeping core creatives, screenwriter Miles Chapman and director Steven C. Miller, on board. Say what you will, but it shows that whatever Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films are doing to keep Stallone happy, it’s working, while Nu Image/Millennium might want to rethink their strategy if they have any hope of Stallone returning for more ‘Expendables’ (Stallone has earned an ally in Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has said he won’t make another ‘Expendables’ either without his good pal).

No word yet on when “Escape Plan 2” will be out, or when “Escape Plan 3” will shoot, but it seems that Sly at least has another action franchise to keep him busy.