Few shows have seen their fortunes turned so quickly the way HBO‘s “True Detective” has. The first season was a phenomenon, audience favorite, and critical darling, and it crowned creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto a hot new talent with an exciting new voice. Then came season two which was brutally received by critics, and saw all of Pizzolatto’s trademarks for hardboiled dialogue, philosophical musings, and pulpy backdrops turned almost into self-parody. Perhaps the result of rushing a good thing, HBO held back on a third season, and have been cagey about more entries in the anthology series. But not only is a new chapter brewing, but there’s a huge name joining the writer’s team.

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David Milch of “Deadwood” and “NYPD Blue” fame has joined the brewing third season of “True Detective.” So far, Pizzolatto has penned at least the first two episodes of the new season, and of course, no details have been revealed. Milch isn’t expected to become the showrunner, and it should be stressed that nothing is greenlit yet. But it does indicate that work is being done on the new season, but maybe we can keep our fingers crossed for a 2018 debut.

As for the long-rumored “Deadwood” movie, with Milch turning his attention here, and Ian McShane starring in “American Gods” for Starz, it doesn’t seem to be on the foreseeable horizon, but who knows — HBO seems to be full of surprises. [EW]