“It is happening again.” For “Twin Peaks” fans, these four words could not sound any sweeter. Showtime released two more haunting teasers for David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” reboot – titled “Body” and “Mirror” — both of which revisit key scenes from the 90’s original ABC series.

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The first teaser traces back to the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer, a high school student whose murder shook the small logging town of Twin Peaks. Rewatching the scene where the police investigators remove the plastic bag from the beloved homecoming queen’s cold, pale face is like entering a time warp into the catalyst that started it all.  From what can be seen from the clips, Twin Peaks has remained the same (this includes its population of 51,201).

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Mirror” on the other hand could be a spoiler for viewers who haven’t seen the cult series. The brief 30-second clip reveals Kyle MacLachlan returning to his classic role as Special Agent Dale Cooper. After gazing into a mirror, we see a more recent shot of him reemerging from the shadows in his trademark black suit.” Twin Peaks” fans will be relieved to know that the offbeat investigator has barely changed – much less aged – at all.

While Lynch has kept much of the news surrounding the Twin Peaks revival quiet, the director confirmed that 217 new and returning actors will be joining the project. Some of the notable new faces include Michael Cera, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Koechner and Ashley Judd.

“Twin Peaks” premieres May 21st on Showtime.