We don’t really have to explain why “Twin Peaks” is one of our most anticipated shows of the year, do we? David Lynch‘s return to his cult series, and his first real piece of narrative since “Inland Empire,” is hugely exciting, and not just because of the absolutely bonkers cast. Thus far, Showtime has been playing the secrecy game around the show, without even a hint of a premiere date (more on that in a second), but the first look at “Twin Peaks” could be coming much sooner than everybody expected.

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Deadline reports that discussions are happening for a “Twin Peaks” event at the Sundance Film Festival, with another source saying that “conversations are ongoing.” A wintry debut for one or a handful of episodes of the upcoming series would be a great fit for the mountainous Park City, with the fest already establishing a TV space over the last few years. But again, none of this is confirmed, so who knows what’ll happen (it should be noted that Lynch apparently has a big say in the promotion of the show).

In related news, a promotional calendar has apparently been sent out by Showtime to cable companies, and it features a big “Twin Peaks” image for May (see below; posted by Reddit, via FACT). And with “Homeland” expected to wrap its new season by the end of April, and with April 30th highlight with a “Welcome To Twin Peaks” image, well, you can do the math….

The Sundance Film Festival runs from January 19-29.

Update: Mark Frost denies those Sundance rumors, the plot thickens….

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