In the past two seasons of Netflix‘s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” we’ve seen Ellie Kemper‘s character come to terms with her psychological scars from a childhood spent in captivity, embrace her repressed sexuality, and finally complete her GED after years of struggle. Gosh, if you were to read only this sentence, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘Schmidt’ was a serialized version of Lenny Abrahamson‘s “Room“! That couldn’t be further from the truth: the Netflix series has tackled some pretty heavy issues without ever losing its magical sense of humor and camaraderie, with Tituss Burgess‘s Titus Andromedon emerging as the show’s star character and comedy whirlwind. Much like its main character, ‘Schmidt’ is a show that can tackle heavy subjects without ever losing its cheerful smile. If that makes it slighter than some of its Golden Era Of Television contemporaries, then screw it. We could use a little lightness in our lives these days.

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This trailer for Season 3 promises new adventures for Kimmy — she’s headed to college! — as she and her housemates move further into the adult world. While we may not know what the future has in store for these characters, we can expect a few musical numbers, some dated ’80s references, and plenty of Jon Hamm. That sounds like the recipe for a successful third season to us.

‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 3 will hit Netflix on May 19, 2017.