I’m not sure if Warner Bros. is setting themselves up for complaints down the line that they showed too much from “Justice League” by marketing the film this far out, but the studio is desperate for everyone to really, really, really like Zack Sndyer‘s movie, so anything to get people amped is what they want at this point. So even though the blockbuster is still eight months away, the studio will be dropping a new trailer on Saturday.

So, while we wait, here’s a poster that presents a steely new logo, and a trailer tease, which indicates the whole muscular, rock ‘n roll vibe for the movie is only going to be more pronounced. Uh, hooray? Let’s just say everyone involved has a lot to make up for at this point after “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Suicide Squad.”

“Justice League” opens on November 17th.

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