It’s not fair to keep drawing comparisons to Marvel, but Warner Bros. and DC Films feel like such a mess at times. Marvel carefully makes a plan and almost always stick with it through each phase of their movie universe. Over at WB, their upcoming spandex slate that still theoretically includes “Cyborg,” “Shazam,” “Black Adam,” “Gotham City Sirens,” “Suicide Squad 2” and “Green Lantern Corps,” and I will not be surprised if one or two of those movies don’t get made. And now they’re throwing yet another project onto the pile.

THR reveals that “The Lego Batman Movie” director Chris McKay is jumping from animation into live action fare with “Nightwing.” If you’re like me and don’t really know the character, the basic premise is that he’s Robin all grown up. It’s the character’s new identity following a split from Batman, and he eventually goes on to form the Avengers-esque superhero group Titans (and you can bet WB has this in the back of their mind).

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Bill Dubuque (“The Accountant,” “The Judge“) will write the screenplay for this one. You might’ve forgotten that Robin is technically dead in Zack Snyder DC universe, but the comics have a few different Robins, so it shouldn’t be a problem to bring another one in, and find a way to create Nightwing (hopefully with a reason that doesn’t render the brooding behavior of Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne pointless).

No release date or any of that jazz yet, so sit tight.