It’s been a big week for reboots. First, there was the news that the completely overhauled “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” was moving ahead and will be released next year, and now come word that Warner Bros. is remaking the iconic “The Matrix.” If you ask me, take away the groundbreaking special effects, and you have a story that’s not particularly good, one that has plenty of room to be updated or told a different way, but many are treating the property like a sacred text. Anyway, Zak Penn (“The Avengers,” “Ready Player One“) has been tapped to write a treatment, but he might soon be joined by many more hands.

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As is the trend these days, there are rumblings that Warner Bros. might assemble a writers room for “The Matrix,” a team of scribes whose sole job will be to think about the many ways they can build out the brand. It makes total sense they would go down this route, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more about the writers getting involved first, before we hear about any directors.

Meanwhile, it seems that Warner Bros. was considering turning “The Matrix” into a TV series, but scrapped that idea recently, and pivoted toward a movie relaunch. I actually think a TV series would’ve been the smarter play, offering an opportunity to really go deep into the world first conjured by the Wachowskis, but I guess a new movie franchise is the sexier option. Thoughts? Let us know below. [THR/Deadline]

  • Ronin

    God I hope this doesn’t happen. If the Wachowski’s want to make another
    Matrix film, let them. If not, then let it rest. It’s their baby

  • jmbrr

    This is the worst idea I’ve heard in a long time. Matrix is a milestone,a film single-handedly changed the face of the cinema. How could you possibly top that?

  • osman

    It’s a good idea to turn the matrix into a series.