These days, everyone and their dog has a podcast, but sitting pretty much near the top of the audio tree is Marc Maron. The comedian was a well-regarded but not especially famous comic when he began interviewing fellow comedians in 2009, and since then, he’s gone from strength to strength, with guests on the show ranging from A-list stars (Anne Hathaway was on recently) and comedy legends to, well, the goddamn President Of The United States, with Barack Obama making an appearance two years ago.

It’s boosted Maron’s career no end — he had his own IFC comedy “Maron” for a few years, and will soon star with Alison Brie in new Netflix comedy-drama “G.L.O.W” — but he still cranks out interviews at a prodigious rate, with the show now over 800 episodes long. And today brought a special treat, with Maron sitting down with legendary filmmaker Walter Hill.

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We’re sure you know Hill, but if not, he was the director of 70s/80s classics like “The Driver,” “The Warriors,” “Southern Comfort,” “48 Hours” and “Streets Of Fire,” as well as a major figure on the “Alien” franchise, producing the first film, and directing the pilot of arguably the greatest TV drama ever, “Deadwood” (for more, check out our look at the essential films of the filmmaker here) His appearance on WTF is well-timed: Hill’s new film “The Assignment,” starring Michelle Rodriguez, hit theaters recently, a new “Alien” movie is just weeks away, and Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver,” which owes a debt to Hill, hits theaters next month.

We’ve not had time to listen to the podcast ourselves yet, but Hill’s an excellent interview and we’re sure that Maron will have a great time with him: you can listen to the pair’s chat below.