The StreakerDocumentarian Errol Morris clearly loves to work and tell stories, as, in between his features, he’s always got a plethora of short projects brewing for a variety of outlets, including The New York Times. His latest venture is for Grantland, and it’s a half-dozen short sports documentaries, and as per usual, it finds Morris taking a unique angle and capturing the kinds of tales you’re not likely to get from any other filmmaker. So let’s break them down:

—"The Subterranean Stadium" takes a portrait of John DiCarlo and his friends, who are the most enthusiastic electronic football players you’re likely to meet.
—"The Heist" tells the story behind the theft of Michael Jordan‘s jersey from the rafters of the Dean Dome.
—"The Streaker" introduces viewers to Mark Roberts, who for more than two decades has been letting it all hang loose at sporting events around the world.
—"Being Mr. Met" is about the man inside the Mr. Met head.
—"Most Valuable Whatever" is about out-of-the-ordinary sports collectibles and the people who want them.
—"Chrome" spins the tale of the owners of the titular race horse that nearly won the Triple Crown in 2014.

This is around two hours of great storytelling from the masterful Morris, so do yourself and line these up for a watch as soon as you can. Check ’em out below.