This year’s sequel “Fifty Shades Darker” couldn’t quite match the box office of its predecessor, “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” which made half a billion dollars worldwide, but given that E.L. James’ softcore bondage erotica novels are a few years past their pop-culture prime, a total near $400 million still feels like a huge victory, especially given that these films aren’t terribly expensive.

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The series will wrap up next year, with high box-office expectations once again for “Fifty Shades Freed,” and a first teaser has just arrived for the movie. Again directed by James Foley, who did the last movie, it sees Anastasia and Christian grapple with married life, pregnancy, family sickness and a potential murderous kidnapping, though the trailer focuses more on lifestyle porn and Jamie Dornan’s torso, which, after all, are the basis of the series’ appeal.

You can watch the trailer below: it’ll open on Valentine’s Day 2018.

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