Since it premiered at Venice last year, audiences have been either thrilled, traumatized, or a little of both by Australian horror-drama “Hounds Of Love.” Not, alas, as the title might suggest, the Kate Bush biopic we’ve always dreamed of, Ben Young’s directorial debut is a “Blue Velvet”-influenced true-crime tale that makes “The Snowtown Murders” look like “Madagascar 3.”

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Drawing on a number of real-life cases in Perth, Australia in the 1980s, it tracks a couple (Stephen Curry and Emma Booth) whose MO is to lure young girls to their home before raping, torturing and murdering them, and the teenager (Ashleigh Cummings) who looks to become their latest victim. As our review from Venice last year suggested, it’s a very tough watch, but one that marks Young’s “precise understanding of the mechanics of tension-based storytelling,” building towards a “protracted and gripping finale.” And you can now find out more for yourself, as distributor Gunpowder and Sky have released a new trailer for the movie.

Take a look below, if you dare, and you can watch the whole film in theaters or on VOD from May 12th.