Five high-school kids grapple with their newfound superpowers in the action-packed second trailer for “Power Rangers,” Hollywood’s remake of the popular ‘90s TV show. Directed by Dean Israelite, the filmmaker is best-known for the sci-fi thriller “Project Almanac” and drama short “Acholiland.”

The clip opens with a group of five teenage outcasts who have come across a hidden cluster of alien artifacts and discover that they’ve been gifted with extraordinary powers. “Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?” Billy (RJ Cyler) asks Ranger mentor Zordon (Bryan Cranston). Packed with explosions and a montage of fight scenes, EDM music plays as the Power Rangers test out their newfound powers and zords (giant mechanical fighting machines).

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Reimagined for a new generation, the reboot tries to trade in the beloved nostalgia for a little more grit. Instead, from what we can see from the trailer, the film winds up taking itself a little too seriously. Israelite, like many ‘90s kids, grew up watching “Power Rangers.” In an interview with “Heat Vision,” the director revealed that he hoped to bring more substance to the characters. “There wasn’t always much depth and complexity to the show, but the themes of it are complex.” Israelite said.

The new trailer features Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, in all her villainous glory with her giant golden monster. “Five little rangers,” sneers Rita. “How cute.”  Other stars in the film include Dacre Montgomery (“A Few Less Men“), Naomi Scott (“The 33“), Becky Gomez (“Empire“) and Ludi Lin (“Marco Polo“). “Saturday Night Live” alum Bill Hader stars as Alpha 5.

“Power Rangers” hits theaters on March 24th.