If you’re looking to reinvent your career, it’s hard to imagine doing it better than Dan Stevens. Just a few years ago, the actor was known exclusively as the slightly doughy romantic lead in surprise TV smash “Downton Abbey,” but after his character was killed off, he remerged as a lean, mean action star in Sundance hit “The Guest.”

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Since then, there have been some ups and some downs (“The Cobbler” being among the latter), but he’s had an absolutely killer 2017: starring, mostly in mo-cap form, in Disney megasmash “Beauty And The Beast,” headlining a critically acclaimed TV show in “Legion,” and delivering a pair of supporting turns in indie hits “Colossal” and “Norman” too. And now, a trailer has arrived for a movie that we weren’t even aware existed.

Kill Switch” (formerly titled “Redivider”) stars Stevens as a pilot in the future who has to battle to save humanity after an experiment involving parallel universes goes wrong. “Skyfall” Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe and Charity Wakefield co-star in a film directed by Dutch shorts helmer Tim Smit, and the teaser suggests some impressive VFX work for a movie that presumably didn’t cost the earth. That said, it all looks a bit video-game-y, and we’re not sure that this’ll quite continue Stevens’ run of 2017 triumphs, but maybe there’s a summer sleeper lurking in here? We’ll find out when Saban Films release it in theaters on June 16th.