As fans patiently await the first trailer for “Logan,” the social media campaign continues unabated offering fresh peeks and clues for what’s coming in the final adventures of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. And today we actually get the first look at the title character in the movie, though it seems he’s a bit worse for the wear.

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With many expecting the upcoming film to borrow from the Old Man Logan storyline in the comics, this is certainly evidence that the heroic mutant is going to be looking a little beat up. And one can only imagine that mutant tracker Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant, will be part of the equation that leads to Wolverine taking some blows. And with the Reavers also confirmed for the movie, it looks like Logan is in for the fight of his life.

“Logan” opens on March 3, 2017. Check out Logan, Caliban and more below.

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