Now in the home stretch of promotion, the “Wonder Woman” trailer is finally here, and if the movie lives up to the excitement and jaw-dropping spectacle of all the footage combined then it seems that DC Comics will have the first bonafide hit of their new somewhat beleaguered “Justice League” era. Harsh critical opinion appears to suggest that the only redeeming factor of ‘Batman vs Superman‘ was the appearance of one-third of the ‘Holy Trinity,’ Diana Prince, so the character already has a leg up.

With Wonder Woman being the first modern female led superheroine movie of this new era, a lot of anticipation resides on the formidable shoulders of Gal Gadot‘s interpretation of the Amazon Princess Diana of Themsycira. But director Patty Jenkins believes the character shouldn’t be a risk in the world of movies.

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“For many years, I was asking the question you’re all asking: Why is no one making this movie?” she said (SciFi Now via “The only thing I can think of is that the genre became synonymous with young men, and so I think there was a concern that they wouldn’t be as interested in a female lead, and it’s taken years for that to sort itself out. That’s all it comes down to.”

Meanwhile, the trailer itself ticks all the correct boxes, villains, excitement, WWI, a dash of humor, the ever charismatic and dependable Chris Pine, a clever reversal of the damsel in distress routine seen in almost every previous superhero movie, and obviously the iconic Lasso of Truth.

With Marvel‘s “Captain Marvel” not-yet-in-production Warner Bros. & DC Films have a fantastic opportunity to set a benchmark for all further strong independent female led superheroine blockbusters. However with Oscar winner Brie Larson signed up to portray the titular ‘Captain,’ Wonder Woman has the literal weight of the superhero film industry on her super strong Amazonian shoulders. Whether that particular benchmark becomes a burden or a blessing, all will be revealed on June 2nd.