While it’s looking like Matt Reeves and Joss Whedon will eventually be directing Bat-movies, in the near-term, the future of the DC Extended Universe might rest in the hands of Patty Jenkins and “Wonder Woman.” Yes, some of the action sequences we’ve glimpsed have a bit of a whiff of “Sucker Punch” to them, and yes, Zack Snyder shares screenplay credit, but the film has a real director and a strong cast including Robin Wright, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, Chris Pine and Elena Ayana, and the potential to have some emotional potency to it too.

Once “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” is out the way, it’ll be the next superhero movie up at bat, and with that in mind, Warner Bros have started to gear up the marketing campaign for the film by debuting a minute-long trailer/TV spot during last night’s episode of “Gotham.”

There are some snippets of new footage here, and the movie continues to look decent enough, if oddly early-2000s in some respects, though still leagues above the Snyder and David Ayer movies so far. Contrary to what some commenters might think, we’d really be happy if it turned out well and restored our faith in the DC movies — it’s not like they’re going away any time soon… “Wonder Woman” opens June 2nd, watch the trailer below.

Wonder Woman (2017) Concept ArtWonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot

  • Daniel Strange

    I’m hoping for a good Wonder Woman movie — I love the character, I love Patty Jenkins, I love Giselle — but this is not a great trailer. It’s basically the same joke over and over: Wonder Woman says or does something badass, then Chris Pine undercuts her with some quippy remark. Here’s hoping that’s not reflective of the final film.

  • Josh King

    I’m rooting for this one, even though I didn’t like the others