Christopher McQuarrie pretty much exploded on the scene in 1995 when he wrote the screenplay for “The Usual Suspects.” The film was a huge success and McQuarrie actually won an Oscar for his script. Since then, he’s gone from writing some massive blockbusters to now directing huge summer films. Needless to say, he’s had a great career that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. That’s what makes him such an interesting guest on the newest episode of the Scriptnotes podcast.

In the 300th episode, John August and Craig Mazin talk to McQuarrie about his whole career. They discuss how he got his start, and how he made the difficult transition from just writing to both writing and directing. It’s great that he took the time out to speak with John and Craig because he’s in the middle of shooting “Mission: Impossible 6” in Paris. The discussion is a must-listen for any aspiring screenwriters who want to learn what it’s like to attain McQuarrie’s status directly from the source. Even for those not interested in becoming the next big writer, the podcast is just a really fun listen!