After months of speculation about who might be under the cowl for Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero film “The Batman,” we now know it’s going to be Robert Pattinson. However, he’s the only actor officially attached to the project. Last week’s news that Jeffrey Wright is playing Commissioner Gordon and Jonah Hill is figuring out if he wants to play The Penguin or Riddler are still just reports and not confirmed. However, a new report says those casting announcements should be forthcoming, as well as a ton of other announcements, including more villains and a potential sidekick.

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Forbes recently published a report detailing the current status of “The Batman” and its fluctuating cast. Will Wright be the only good cop in the Gotham PD? Is Hill going to be Riddler or Penguin (Riddler seems like the best bet)? We still don’t know. But either way, those names are just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Reeves is also on the hunt for someone to play the villains Catwoman and Two-Face, as well as the other role that Hill passes up. All this to say, the upcoming ‘Batman’ film is chock full of villains, and for good reason.

Apparently, the report says Reeves is planning out a story that is not only going to span the first film, but also a potential trilogy, with the option of even extending the franchise for more than three films. Warner Bros. is playing the long game here, and the studio wants to secure a ton of names for villain roles to help flesh out this new ‘Batman’ world. And that even includes the introduction of some new sidekick characters.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the news that the upcoming “Batgirl” film that WB is currently developing is expected to tie into this new version of ‘Batman.’ And if that’s the case, and WB does stick to the comics, we could see the seeds of that film sewn in Reeves’ project, as the character of Batgirl is canonically the daughter of Gordon. Could we see Barbara Gordon introduced in Reeves’ film?

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Also of note, the WB film “Nightwing is currently on hold, reportedly, as Reeves has yet to decide if/when he wants to introduce Dick Grayson in the new ‘Batman’ films. Grayson, of course, is the character that is introduced as Robin but grows up to become the adult Nightwing, continuing his legacy of fighting crime, but without Batman. The report says, “Dick Grayson is expected to make an appearance in one of the Reeves movies, probably in the form of an origin story (whether that’s the film’s main plot or a subplot, however, remains to be seen).”

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All things considered, it sounds as if Reeves is not only creating a roadmap for the future of the ‘Batman’ franchise, but he’s also laying the foundation for a number of spin-offs and sequels. For fans of the comics and Batman, in general, this is truly exciting news.

But all of this could be for naught if the director doesn’t hit it out of the park with the first film, “The Batman,” which is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 25, 2021.