We’re in the era when franchises are never dead, they just away for awhile. After “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” didn’t meet expectations, it was only two years later that the character was rebooted in “Captain America: Civil War,” and this summer he’ll swing back on the big screen in a new movie, that’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, less than two years have passed since rebootquel “Terminator Genisys” bellyflopped, but no matter, because as the famous phrase goes, “I’ll be back.”

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Deadline has dropped the bombshell news that “Deadpool” director Tim Miller has been tapped to direct a reboot of the property. That’s pretty exciting news, but for fans, the real clincher will be the involvement of James Cameron, who gets the rights back to “The Terminator” in 2019. He’ll be involved in a “godfather” capacity, while David Ellison is also in the mix (as he retains many rights to brand as well), and is throwing his money into the pot, with the plans to hire top shelf science fiction authors to figure out the next creative steps.

Long story short, it doesn’t sound like a new ‘Terminator’ movie is right around the corner, but it’s in the works. All that being said, let’s hope that Cameron’s endorsement of the pretty shitty ‘Genisys’ was a lapse in judgment, and even with his attention on four “Avatar” sequels, he really puts his foot down to get a good story for whatever comes next. And while the trade opens their report by saying the movie will be a “reboot and conclusion” at the end they add that they actually don’t have any idea, so it seems the intel is super duper early. But surely, the franchise has nowhere to go but up at this point.

Moreover, interest will certainly be restoked when the Cameron approved 3D version of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” debuts at the Berlin Film Festival next month, and hits the big screen around the world later this year.