Earlier this month, it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix was Todd Phillips‘ top choice to play the Joker in a standalone movie that would pretend that Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad” never happened. Of course, it was all subject to Warner Bros. signing off on the casting idea, and frankly, who wouldn’t approve the choice? However, if Phoenix is playing Batman’s greatest villain, it appears no one has told him about it yet.

Allocine attempted to ask Phoenix about the Joker movie, and he seemed puzzled as heck that it even existed. “What movie about the Joker?” he asked, and as the interviewer probed further, Phoenix simply said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Has Warner Bros not given Phillips the okay to approach Phoenix? Perhaps this was an interview that was truly lost in translation? Or perhaps Phoenix is truly giving the performance of a lifetime in playing dumb. Given how chaotic DC Films seems to be, I’d wager Phoenix’s casting is still being worked out among suits, before they formally present the project to him. But that’s just my guess. At any rate, it seems the role is still wide open, so get those audition tapes in, or share your wishlist casting in the comments section.