John Hillcoat To Direct Another Corrupt Cop Drama With 'Honor For Sale'

John Hillcoat has been given a lot of goodwill because of his undeniable talent, but it can’t be said he’s made the most of it. “The Road” received mixed reviews, “Lawless” brought together a terrific cast for a mostly rote gangster flick, and “Triple 9” also lined up one helluva ensemble, only to squander it on seriously overcooked pulp. But perhaps Hillcoat is looking to make amends for the latter, because he’s lined up another corrupt cop drama.

The director is attached to helm “Honor For Sale,” that will tell the true story behind the theft of over 500 pounds of heroin from the NYPD’s Property Clerk’s office from the late ’60s to mid ’70s by Special Investigations Unit detectives. The film will have a script by Harrison Query, and will be based on former officer Gerald E. Kelly’s “Honor for Sale: The Darkest Chapter in the History of New York’s Finest.” Here’s the book synopsis:

Thirty years ago, a New York narcotics detective signed out an old suitcase containing 24 pounds of pure heroin, drugs confiscated in the legendary “French Connection” case, from the department’s Property Clerks office, setting off one of the most spectacular and audacious crimes ever committed. The grand tally of the theft was over 500 pounds of narcotics smuggled out of police evidence chambers. The case baffled top local and federal investigator, who remained certain that the thieves involved were cops. Honor for Sale is the story of the largest narcotics theft in history and the rise and fall of the elite Special Investigating Unit, the “princes of the city, “written by a former member of the unit who stood trial three times. It is a gripping look at the greed and corruption behind the “Blue Wall of Silence” from someone who saw it all. 

Sounds like it has potential, but it’s up to Hillcoat to prove he can make it really sing on the big screen. For now, we’ll keep our expectations in check. [Variety]