Like it or not, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is the end of the saga that began all the way back in 1977 when a plucky filmmaker, George Lucas, captured the imaginations of millions worldwide. Sure, the film has been the subject of tons of thinkpieces and debate, already. But it is the end. Well, maybe not.

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According to a recent interview on the blue carpet of the ‘Rise’ premiere, Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm (and de facto Empress of the ‘Star Wars’ Empire), spoke about the emotions felt by ending the Skywalker Saga. And in her answer, she hints that those Skywalkers might actually show up again, despite all the hubbub about the ninth episode being the end.

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“It’s a mixture of emotions because we’ve had such an incredible time it’s just flown by these five years and doing these three movies,” said Kennedy. “To realize we’re completing the Saga, we’re not finishing the Skywalkers necessarily they could always, in one way or another, reappear. But for right now it is bringing it to a close.”

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Obviously, her answer doesn’t mean that there’s an ‘Episode X’ coming around the corner. And no, it doesn’t mean that she’s having second thoughts about the recent trilogy and is going to do a reboot of the whole damn thing. Most likely, this means we’ll see folks like Luke, Leia, Rey, Kylo, and others potentially show up in the multitude of projects that are in development. Perhaps the ‘Obi-Wan’ streaming series will have a Skywalker presence? Or maybe we’ll see a young Rey or Kylo show up in a prequel of some sort that aims to shed light on their unexplored pasts?

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No matter what happens with the Skywalkers and the characters from the three trilogies, the idea that the characters that were supposed to be retired in ‘Rise’ are destined for more appearances seems to undercut the emotional weight of the recent film. But hey, this is “Star Wars” and money isn’t going to print itself.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is in theaters around the world now.