Max Landis Hints That He's Working On A Remake Of 'Creature From The Black Lagoon'

Love him or hate him, writer Max Landis always seems to have his hands on some big projects. The writer is probably best known for his work on the film “Chronicle” and the BBC America series “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” as well as the Netflix Original film “Bright.” But unless you follow his career closely, you probably don’t realize that he’s been working behind-the-scenes in a ton of projects that either haven’t been made or have been rewritten since, including “Power Rangers.” Well, according to a not-so-subtle hint, it appears that he has his hands on a horror classic for a future film.

We have to admit, we missed the original Instagram Story that Landis posted, where he dropped some hints as to what projects he was currently working on. Since the cancelation of ‘Dirk Gently,’ it appears that he’s moving full speed ahead on the already-known remake “American Werewolf in London,” which was originally directed by his father. However, he gave a hint as to another secret project he’s working on, and it sounds like he should have probably just been quiet.

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A Reddit user went to the Max Landis sub-reddit (yes, it’s a thing) and decided to ask the question, “Is Max Landis writing a Creature From the Black Lagoon remake?” You may be wondering how the Redditor came to the conclusion. Well, in an aforementioned Instagram Story, Landis gave some abbreviations for his current slate. He used “AWIL,” which clearly stands for “American Werewolf in London.” Then he used “CFBL.” This Reddit user came to the conclusion it must be “Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

Not bad sleuthing, but how do we know it’s true?

Well, in the same thread, Landis, who goes by the Reddit username Uptomyknees, posted his reply, “Damn man.” He then goes on to further explain how his schedule is looking right now, “Stuff is working at a more normal speed right now, so things will be along on a more normal schedule.”

Okay, so this isn’t a straight-up confirmation, but it sure does seem like Landis is working on ‘Black Lagoon.’ Whether it’s for a directorial project he wants to do after ‘American Werewolf,’ or if he’s a hired gun writer, is anyone’s guess.

Until then, there’s plenty of Landis in your future, including the aforementioned ‘Werewolf,’ and the film “Deeper,” which stars Gal Gadot and Bradley Cooper.