If you’re a fan of quality TV, particularly well-crafted dramas about serial killers, then odds are you’re a fan of “Mindhunter.” The Netflix original series comes from the mind of David Fincher, and over the course of two seasons, has established itself as one of the best shows in the world. Well, even though we’ve had two seasons of the series over the last three years, it appears that we might have a bit of a longer break before getting Season 3.

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Buried in a new interview with actor Jonathan Groff, who is incredible in the series, THR drops the news that the third season of “Mindhunter” won’t be developed until David Fincher finishes work on his upcoming Netflix film “Mank.” And if that’s the case, and it surely does make sense considering how much of a hands-on producer the filmmaker is on “Mindhunter,” then we’re likely looking at a pretty big hiatus for the series.

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It’s expected that “Mank,” the upcoming film directed by Fincher about the writing of “Citizen Kane,” will be one of Netflix’s big awards season pushes for 2020. That would put Fincher’s film being released sometime in the last part of next year, meaning “Mindhunter” won’t even begin being developed until 2021. With the long production cycle of the series (again, Fincher is very meticulous and very hands-on), we could realistically see “Mindhunter” coming in 2022, at the earliest.

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Granted, that’s all conjecture, though based on historical precedent. Perhaps the third season is already fully formed in the mind of those who work on “Mindhunter,” and it’s just a matter of putting ideas on paper and filming them. If that’s the case, who knows, maybe we’ll only have to wait until 2021? But let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s going to take more time than that.

If you want to be the optimist, at least we can say that more “Mindhunter” is coming and it’s never a good idea to rush into production. So, let’s be happy that “Mank” will be coming in the meantime to help us satisfy our Fincher needs before we get another batch of serial killer-filled TV episodes. And maybe that’ll be enough time to get Bong Joon-ho involved?