New ‘Jason Bourne’ Teaser Reveals Another Major Spoiler

What’s Universal doing with “Jason Bourne“? Well, seemingly spoiling some major elements of the movie in new TV spots. Less than two months away from release, the studio is still keeping the overarching story under wraps, but seems content to spill major surprises.

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From what we can tell, or piece together from trailers, TV spots and interviews, Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne has been in hiding for over a decade and Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) seeks out the rogue CIA operative to tell him about a new program related to the one that made him a trained assassin. He’s abroad, found in Greece during the austerity riots, and apparently he’s in a pretty dark place. The last TV spot*spoiler* — suggests that Nicky Parsons is killed by an assassin and Bourne is out for revenge. However, the latest trailer suggests something much more gigantic about Bourne’s background and motivation.

“I volunteered because of a lie,” Bourne says talking about the program he entered in the first place. “They said my father was killed by terrorists!” he yells at an unknown victim. And there you have it — Bourne’s motivation. Now, if it was all a falsehood and Bourne’s father wasn’t killed by terrorists…. well, maybe you can speculate yourself where that nefarious duplicity leads.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, “Jason Bourne” opens on July 29th, and it sounds like a post-origin movie about finding out the real truth as to how the trained assassin character came into existence. Update: a new poster for the film has arrived.